Carson’s European History Institute at TCU

Just finished a great institute at the University of Arkansas Little Rock. The folks who attended were great! It was a busier week than I had anticipated, thus I found that I did not have as much time to do a number of other things. Funny, but I also thought I would have time to finish a paper I am drafting for a future conference; I did not even open the file.

I will be spending the next two weeks doing some research and writing for other projects I am involved in. Furthermore, it is my hope that I can put pen to paper in a way that will allow me to develop a greater synthesis on what I am doing. I love having time throughout the day to focus. That is what makes my summers so nice. I will leave for Fort Worth on June 8th. I am leading an AP European History Institute. Here is what we will be doing for the week:

Carson’s AP European History Summer Institute will focus on three elements. The first is a break down of the course and an evaluation of the historical literature used to shape its content. A great deal of literature used by members of the Test Development Committee will be presented in order to draw greater insight into both the skills and historical content required for student success. Secondly, participants will be asked to engage in activates that address students’ skill deficit. Here the focus shifts to document analysis, inferences, making historical generalizations, and drawing conclusions. Lastly, there will be a conversation focused around the most recent research in European historiography. Periodization schema as well as conflicts of interpretation will be addressed. In the end, teachers will be rewarded with a wealth of resources and knowledge regarding the Modern European History course.


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