Embracing Pluralism on the 4th of July

This clip of actor Bill Pullman portraying the President of the United States, in the movie Independence Day, is one of my favorites. It showcases a sense of global unification and the spirit of one, rather than a world in constant conflict over petty matters, such as: territory, race, religion, and national/ethnic identity. Unfortunately, it took an invasion from aliens in a fictional film before the world realized that we should love each other, regardless of  our identity; it is about upholding the greatest sense of spirit that exists… the human spirit. The 21st century has arrived and we should move beyond tolerance, which simply means accepting one by law. We should subscribe to a universal spirit of love. Let us put our petty differences aside and accept that we live in a world of diversity. Pluralism defines us. Hence, our stubborn beliefs will not change the world, but only bring about further animosity. So, on this 4th of July, I ask all people to embrace today as a global celebration — not just an American one. Make it a day in which we can love regardless of our own beliefs.



3 thoughts on “Embracing Pluralism on the 4th of July

  1. People talk the talk, but fail at walking the walk on this topic. We want people to be like us. That is sad. But, we are so different. That is why this is a great country.

  2. Thanks Carson; we have such an amazing (and imperfect) nation– getting back from Cape Town in South Africa, touring Mandela’s cell on Robben Island, seeing the townships in person… relics of apartheid that trap the disenfranchised into a massive poverty pool… it is sobering to see the fruits of a mentality set on focusing on differences instead of embracing similarities. I found it also sobering to see Africans unable to step into their own new freedom– fear is the ultimate master of the “slave”. To courage…

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