Another School Year

The new academic year is off; we have been mucho busy on campus with retreat after retreat. I am headed out for another one tomorrow morning and will return late Monday. Students seem to enjoy the start of the new school year, which ushered in the opening of HC’s amazingly new student center. It houses the campus library now, a food court with dinning services, as well as a coffee bar. The chef who is overseeing the food services is pretty amazing. Yes, the food is that great. Below students gather for the ribbon cutting ceremony and entrance into the new building; it is just to the left of the campus chapel.

The second floor houses the English department, College Readiness Center, and the Writing Center. The third floor has an urban plant garden on its elongated balcony — which overlooks the campus.

                        I am not sure if I know any of the above students.
                       Below: The Coffee Bar
As for the rest of my year, I am teaching two sections of AP European History, three sections of AP US History, and a section of AP US Government & Politics. I have been looking forward to teaching this group of seniors I have. Many of them I have taught before. A truly great group of students. It will be without a doubt a very busy year. Not only is my plate already full with papers that I am in the process of writing or have recently completed, but I am involved in a number of other professional obligations that I must fulfill.

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