Anti-Obama Display

Obama hating is the norm here in Texas. However, Texans are pretty creative when it comes to show casing their sense of disdain toward the POTUS. Last week while traveling through Huntsville, Texas, I crossed a ranch displaying a massive banner of Obama’s face. The caption reads: Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Below is one of the more creative anti-Obama displays I have seen. I also blogged about it here.

Above: Pictures of communists associated with Obama in a negative way by right wingers. Karl Marx, Frank Marshall Davis, Obama, Bill Ayers, and Che Guevara


4 thoughts on “Anti-Obama Display

  1. There are some awful ones here in east Tennessee. One said to vote for the American. Makes me sick. I do not plan to go to church Sunday. Based on the experience of the last few cycles, there will be some prayers and other spoken remarks that will be upsetting to me. The POTUS is to be commended for keeping his composure in view of the many evil things conjured up and ascribed to him by creative deceivers. But what really gets me is not only that many otherwise fine Christian people are tricked into believing these things but that they want to believe them.

    • I think you have it right there sir. If anyone of the 47% votes Romney, I think it will be expressly to show disgust for President Obama, not because anyone believes Romney can fix a huge mess like the one we are embroiled in…hmm…#deepthoughtstriggered

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