The Election Count

It is election time on my campus and I have created a board to tally students’ electoral counts via here. Now, I will admit that I believe this is an easy election to call. I did struggle with two states: Ohio and Virgina; in the end, I awarded both to Obama.. I did not do so blindly or from an ideological perspective. There are numbers that have sold me on my conclusion.

Thus far, students in my AP US History and AP US & Politics course have placed their numbers on our “working” board. Once my other AP US History and AP European History sections have confirmed their call, I will repost.

Here is a picture of my prediction; I am willing to admit that my count might be off due to Virginia and only Virginia.


6 thoughts on “The Election Count

  1. I’ve got the sinking (and cynical) feeling that we’re not going to have an answer on Tuesday night; the GOP is monkeying too much with Ohio and Florida for me to feel comfortable…

  2. I’m curious what numbers sold you. Was it the various polls that factor Democrat turnout greater than in 2008? I think Virginia isn’t going to be your only surprise. 🙂

  3. Brandon, are you thinking Ohio? It is a toss up but one that Obama can handle. I am nervous about Virginia. Do not say Pennsylvania. He has that one.

    Chili: As for Tuesday, I think it will be pretty firm. Trust me.

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