Great Thoughts from a Friend

So, I have this amazing academic friend who pretty much shares my views on all things. She is a killer grammarian — that being her academic field. But she is also a great cook — I know from first hand experience and an excellent conversationalist. Too bad she lives so far away; I love having dinner and wine with her and her husband. I love this great post she dedicated to me for my birthday. I read this a few days ago and meant to say thank you Mrs. Chili. Looking forward to seeing you in April.

It’s Carson‘s birthday!  Go on over and wish him happy.

I will freely admit to having a huge, geeky crush on this man.  For starters, he is, as we say around here, wicked smaht.  The work that Carson does in academia is stunning, and though he assures me that I am his intellectual peer, I’m not sure I buy that; I think he’s much smarter than I am.

Our politics are nearly perfectly aligned.  Though there are a few topics we haven’t covered yet, we determined a few weeks ago that if we’re not spot-on in terms of our respective stances, we’re at least in the same zip code.  What I really love about this, though, is that we don’t just sit around assuring one another of our correctness; we’re willing to ask questions and challenge assumptions and make sure that we really understand the implications of our stances.  I dig that about him.

There is something about Carson’s energy that I love.  He’s engaged and enthusiastic, seemingly all the time.  He’s a careful and thorough critical thinker.  He radiates generosity and compassion.  Oh, and don’t forget the funny; here is a soul who loves to laugh, and in that, we are peers.

Carson is a running freak.  I mean it; the man goes for “easy” 20-mile runs.  WHAT?!  About this, he and I are decidedly incompatible, but I respect and admire his fortitude and his commitment.

I am honored that this man offers me his friendship, his time, and his attention, and I’m grateful for another year with his voice in my chorus.

Happiest of birthdays to you, my friend, and may you celebrate many more.

I did get to spend my birthday at home with my family — something I have not been able to do in a while. My folks took us all out to dinner. My brother and his family as well as Janette sang happy birthday to me. My folks know that I am crazy about those cookie cakes. Yes, nothing changes.


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