Toni Morrison Dislikes Conservative Ideas and Values!

Yes…I do have a point of view…and so do you. That is okay. Better yet, I prefer it that way. No need for all of us to get so upset; however, I will add this question: Why are conservatives so freaking mad and upset at the rest of the world? There are so many things in life that others do that have zero impact on others. Yet, many conservatives are too bitter and angry to realize that. Just relax people. This one-minute interview is very interesting. Agree or disagree, there is mucho truth here.


2 thoughts on “Toni Morrison Dislikes Conservative Ideas and Values!

  1. You know why conservatives are angry, Carson; they’re frightened. Permissive, plural societies do not generally collate power in exclusive communities (read; wealthy, educated, white, male). It’s all about maintaining – or gaining – membership to the closed club, and that’s something liberals and progressives eschew in favor of – dare I say it – a cooperative paradigm.

  2. Do not get me started. Who cares who I want to marry. Let us focus on sick people and loving each other. As a white man, I agree that we do hold too much power. But, the system is set up that way. Things are changing.

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