Learning from American Dad, South Park, and Family Guy

https://ecarson.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/versus-south-park-vs-family-guy.jpg?w=300             adop1.jpg

Shows such as Family Guy, South Park, and American Dad continue to amaze me in their efforts to disseminate historical and political messages to the masses; I am not sure if I could have explained the Iran Contra Affair, as noted in the video below, any better. That said, I seem to watch very little TV if any; however, I must admit that I love watching these three via Netflix. Sure, I love a great laugh. We all do. But, to watch and catch the number of references related to sexuality, gender, race, class, and politics always impresses me. Each show draws from the humor of such taboo matters as masturbation to that of same-sex marriage. And teaching history courses, both topics do appear; however, my favorite episodes are usually about a significant popular culture reference that is historically significant. Such references remind me that either far too many people are not culturally literate enough to see the message, or they are too young to grasp the point. Regardless, being well read does help in enjoying all three to the fullest.

I am showing this clip below to my 3 sections of AP US History come spring.


2 thoughts on “Learning from American Dad, South Park, and Family Guy

  1. Good stuff mr. Carson. I have recently gotten into American dad a bit, but you know I like nothing more than picking apart family guy.

  2. I am often delighted by the references that pop up in a lot of popular culture. Pixar movies, The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory; the really good ones know how to work important stuff into the laugh lines.

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