Revisiting the CV

As noted on an earlier post entitled The CV, I am pretty good when it comes to maintaining my CV (curriculum vitae), and not because I am searching for a job. I learned years ago to maintain one for the following reasons:

1. In a graduate school seminar course on professional activities, it was pointed out that if you are greatly involved on campus and in the professional community of attending conferences, presenting at them, or working with colleagues on a project, you will forget what you have done. Thus, I made an effort to note as much as possible. And not so much for my employer, but for my own records.

2. I have been fortunate enough to serve on various committees and projects in which I have been asked to send my CV. I simply point them to my webpage. Some may see this as a sign of boasting; however, I see it as being excited about what I do and what I will do. Teaching is who I am and what I am about. I cannot imagine doing anything else. For every conference I attend or every committee I serve on, I gain something that will only enhance who I am and what I know. I have never submitted a paper or a proposal for a paper without it being accompanied by my CV. With that stated, I have seen “call for papers” in which the conference placed page limits.

I like this page here on constructing the CV. I used to think that documents of this type should not exceed 2 pages. But that is simply not the case. I have omitted somethings over the years. I do not think I am one who should have a 25 page CV as noted by the author of the hyper-linked page.


5 thoughts on “Revisiting the CV

  1. Hear! Hear! Keep an unabridged version with a brief description of each entry that only you will ever see, and then offer an edited version to fit the occaision. Update the unabridged version every week. Really.

    Getting a job is largely about being able to talk about what you’ve done. This shouldn’t be a self-aggrandizing exercise, but should include relevant details.

  2. You have some very impressive accomplishments. I think it is easy to forget the various committees and presentations one is part of over the course of the school year. This is a great reminder to keep things updated.

  3. Thanks stan. I have not heard from you in a while here at the ole blog. Crazy, but your email acct seems to be acting crazy too. You are pretty accomplished yourself. I am going to put in for a copy of your book work. We know how that is going for me.

    • I think that email account was closed. Sorry. I will have to give you my new email address. Working on several new projects. As always, busy year.

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