What did the Professor do Over Spring Break?

I did not party. Too old for that now.  I got in a great deal of sleep. I really needed it. Better yet, I am convinced that with the miles I have logged, I was operating at a deficit. But for the most part, my week was pretty standard. It started off with the RRCA Classic 10k championship. Now for me, a 6.2 mile run is nothing. However, I could not get in rhythm for this race as it set the tone for the week. I think I placed 38th out of 1700 runners — but 8th in my division. It was designed to be a faster than tempo pace workout. My time sucked. I was slow. I will be sure to note my “slowness” under race report at my other blog.


The rest of the week was a combination of research and writing, as well as a great deal of sleep. I can honestly say that I felt rested last week. I am truly going to miss spring break. I will not see that kind of sleep for a while. Not even during the summer months. I can relate in many ways to Homer Simpson’s sleeping experience; I am sure I looked like him while crashed-out on the couch. OK. I did not have a beer to help me relax and sleep. I did not need it. Plus, I am a wine-o… though the end of the week pic will contradict this point.

homer_sleepI did get some research and writing done. Well, more reading than writing. As noted on an earlier post, I am drafting a paper for a June conference in Maryland entitled: Revisiting the Problem of the Twentieth Century: Will Evangelical and Faith-Based Schools Mend the Color Line in the Twenty-First Century? I used this week to do a great deal of reading and study on a topic I have worked on for a bit of time. I am pretty excited about its progress and do believe it will receive warm reviews.


I was able to wrap the week up with a pretty good race. The Seabrook Half-Marathon took place Sunday the day before my campus return. It was a bit warm and humid, but I was not too upset about that seeing that the race served as a training run for next month’s April 15th Boston Marathon. I placed 3rd overall — which is my second best finish. I ran this race in 2011 and took 4th. I ran a comfortable training run pace — nothing faster than a 6:35 pace. My fastest mile was only 6:28. I started off well behind others. I assured myself that I would not turn this into anything more than a training run. And that is exactly what I did. I actually stuck to the game plan.


My 3rd place trophy was a cool beer mug (or glass as seen above). After they awarded me my trophy, I quickly had green beer poured into the glass. You better believe me when I say I finished every lick of it. Besides chocolate milk, a cold beer is the next best post-race beverage. Cheers!


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