The Anti-Christ or the Christ in the White House

Satan in The Bible, from the History Channel

80% of people polled stated that this picture clearly looks like Obama. I am not sure  what the other 20% were looking at. I am not sure what the final poll numbers looked like, but I suspect they increased. It is pretty amazing how some right-wing Christians continue to showcase their ideological biases and stupidity by playing the anti-Christ card. It makes Christians look bad. Keep in mind that Christians face a tough road politically in their marriage to the Republican Party has bastardized both groups. One Christian radio show went as far to say that God guided the History Channel in its revelation of who Obama is.

As noted before, there are black Americans frustrated with Obama; however, their frustration is greatly different from that of white America. Blacks have made the mistake of claiming Obama to themselves. Many assumed that he would arrive and eradicate the injustices placed on them with his New Deal thinking.  In return, blacks now realize that Obama cannot be that savior. The president of the US is a weak man. His powers are limited. Obama is the voice of all people, not just blacks. During the arrival of Jesus Christ, the Jews had been highly anticipating this great savior who would unleash His wrath. Yet, much like Obama, Christ was not what the Jews anticipated. Both are viewed as weak and passive by the very people that had been calling for them. In the case of Obama, he will not face being crucified by his own people — like that of Christ. Obama knows that he is the chosen one for a race of people that cannot depend on the conservative anti-New Deal thinking that exists within a Republican Party that ushers to a certain class and race.


One thought on “The Anti-Christ or the Christ in the White House

  1. I have been left kind of speechless by this whole circus side show. I continue to be struck by how blatant and obvious is the naked hatred and bullying, and by how the perpetrators will continue to deny it.

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