Boston (and Runners) as a Community

Runners make up an interesting community; we are at times self absorbed yet compassionate and willing to help others. I have been following many in the running community as  they display their support for the BAA and the victims. Below is a note from the BAA:

Boston stands as one

Thank you to all our  fans for your outpouring of support. So many of you have asked “how can we help?” Thanks to adidas, one of our sponsors, here’s a great way, the “Boston stands as one” t-shirt. The t-shirt is available at with 100% of the proceeds going to The One Fund Boston, Inc. The One Fund Boston, Inc. was announced yesterday to support those affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on Monday.

The limited edition “Boston stands as one” t-shirt is available now at for $26.20.

During our Tuesday AM practice, some of the runners that I coach as well as other assistant coaches gathered for this picture below as a show of support.
photo 1

2 thoughts on “Boston (and Runners) as a Community

  1. A great statement of runner solidarity. Being a casual runner myself, this event has reminded me how a marathon stands for so much more than simply 26.2 physical miles. Good work.

    • I agree, stan. It, as well as so many other running events, are much bigger than we realize. I am so obsessed with performance I tend to ignore that. This has allowed me to step back and rethink a few things.

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