Race, Ideology, and Independent Schools

I am sharing a two-part piece from a paper I wrote entitled Getting Real About Whiteness in Independent Schools. I broke away from script just a bit in the reading of this primarily due to length. The goal of course is to show a historical relationship dating back to the 1960s about why many African-American teachers are pronounced liberal in their construct. In this segment, I start in a more philosophical fashion denoting a mere semblance of black identity. In the second segment, I will delve into the more recent elements of the shaping of the black faculty member.


6 thoughts on “Race, Ideology, and Independent Schools

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    There are so many people whom are very sensitive to race. If you are willing to be honest with yourself it’s not unrealistic to know RACE in America does matter. Sadly classicism is a major problem in the American-American communities even today.

  2. Class among blacks has long been an issue; if you go back to Martin Luther King Jr “A Letter from a Birmingham Jail, he pretty much call out the black bourgeoisie community for being satisfied with their status in society. Why change things if said things will impact one’s status. I experienced some of this growing up. The pretentious black middle class who looked down on the rest as being underachievers. Your point is very much correct.

  3. Hey Edward 😉 I can only speak for myself when I say this. Being a woman of color and knowing where hard work and determination can and will get you; sadly are many underachievers in not just the African-American communities but everywhere 😉 I believe it’s a bigger problem among people of color due to the history of race in America. Today anyone can be what they want and have all they desire if they are willing to place themselves in a position for all too freely come to them. I do thank you for taking your time and responding.

  4. Eddie… You speak of colour and I was wondering if you are including all brown people in the modern era since we have been seeing the same discrimination among Asians currently… especially from Southwest Asia.

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