Carson and Sivils on Affirmative Action

My colleague Kevin Sivils does a great job presenting his point of view on affirmative action; however, we clearly see this matter from two perspectives.


5 thoughts on “Carson and Sivils on Affirmative Action

  1. Racism is ideological. There is no ignorance. White people always assume such things. I greatly disagree with this Sivils person.

  2. I agree with Andy; Mr. Sivils doesn’t take into account privilege and the underlying social inequities that continue to hamper the disadvantaged. The idea of “past inequities” being in the past is, I think, where his argument fails; the reason “they’re not prepared or equipped to take advantage of opportunity” is precisely because the system has – and in many ways continues to – limit access that certain groups have to the kinds of things that people need to be successful. It’s a systemic failure; one that, ironically, we can clearly identify but can’t seem to muster the political or social will to change in any kind of meaningful way.

  3. In my work on a university campus, I see plenty of black and brown faces, which is nice and most importantly assuages the white guilt of many of my colleagues. However, I hardly ever encounter a good working-class kid or anyone at all from the bottom half of the population in terms of economic background. Mr. Sivils presents a great point in that we look at times too much to race and forget about class. What about the wealthy black kid who went to a fancy private high school and earned a fancy education? I wonder if schools really think he will contribute to the type of diversity professor Carson is addressing.

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