Houston Symphony

It was great enjoying the sounds of the Houston Symphony; in many ways the complexity of the instruments is like fine wine and academic life; you spend a great deal of time thinking about it, processing it, and reflecting on it. We used this night to do all that as we set new goals. It was a great night after finishing a race and a good dinner at Reefs, one of the top restaurants in the country. I have always stated that I have to live in or close to a large cultural center. I have a thirst for enjoying great restaurants, touring the theater district, and viewing great art. I was not always like this; in high school I did not grow up around such things. But as I have gotten older, my appreciation for calmness and focus has expanded greatly. Here are a few things I have observed:

  1. My steaks — medium rare (I love it when the juice has a bit of red)
  2. Being a huge wine person, I love a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon — Opus One and Silver Oak being two of my favorites. I really do not get to drink the Opus One.
  3. Coffee. Black. A pinch of splenda.
  4. Music. I love it all. But classical has great appeal to me. And for those of you that know me, I cannot run with an ipod. I do like to stretch to classical rock. I love Rush.

Below is a picture of the celebration of Hans Graf, who made Sunday’s event his last with the Houston Symphony at Jones Hall.


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