Just A Thought: Race and Adoptions

While growing up in the 1980s, I recall the popular TV shows that worked to destroy the racial constructs put in place by our marginalized society. What happened to those shows? You know, Webster, Different Strokes, etc. I agree that white people who adopt children of color will benefit from the experience; I also support their adoption of such children; however, the lack of success black families have had in adopting white children is disturbing. Moreover, the failed success of black families in adopting white children usually comes down to a judge deciding that the devaluing of a positive life experience for a white child is not worth the emotional risk. I realize blacks do not gross the same income as whites, but the numbers are low. Is being black in America really that much less in the eyes of those who would rather see a white kid moved around from family to family? What is society telling us when there are far more black children to adopt than white children? Remember, blacks only constitute 13 % of the population.

Here are three interesting articles on the topic:





2 thoughts on “Just A Thought: Race and Adoptions

  1. I have a very dear friend who is a single, black woman in her late 40’s. She is a very successful attorney but one whose job really requires only about 40 hours a week. She has been trying for years to adopt a child without any success. She tells me that black married couples, white married couples, white homosexual couples and even white single people have adopted black children…but she keeps getting passed over. Very sad.

    • That is very strange, Young. She would seem like an ideal candidate. I am sure this position is getting to her. That is great that she wants to take care of a kid, regardless of race. I am afraid of them. It is great hearing her story, though it is not ideal.

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