Rethinking the Family

I have come to learn that family constitutes a collective group of people drawn together by a sense of care, love, and protection; it should not matter if they are black, white, red, yellow or blue…nor should it matter if they are gay or straight. Love and care are both ubiquitous traits inculcated in families. Hence, now that we are in the 21st century, it should not matter who a person marries, nor should individuals feel as though they have the right to embark on one’s family dynamic. As my buddy Jaylon once noted, we live in an age that consists of complex family dynamics. Families are comprised of step this and half that. Thus, why should people feel as though they have the right to express a sense of disdain toward one’s family make-up? The video below is a new favorite of mine; we live in an age in which interracial house holds of all sorts define the American identity. It is that identity that makes the world so beautiful. As noted here in an NPR piece regarding the Cheerios Ad regarding the interracial family:

After clicking around the Web, I discovered that the issue was indeed the commercial’s interracial-ness. People on YouTube and Reddit were salty because the ad seemed to push “race” in their face: “These videos encourage people to seek partners outside their racial group. It already happens too much … for comfort. I shall eat Toasted Oats instead.”

I am proud of this video; it moves us closer to realizing that the American family is beautiful; it is as Jaylon once noted: the traditional family.

Unfortunately for many of us today, we have allowed politicians to espouse slogans such as family values and protecting the family and marriage to the point that we are not clear why the definition of family has changed. Today, almost 60% of all American marriages end in divorce. Dating back to the 2004 election, conservative Democrats and Republicans played the vote card by blaming the demise of marriage and the family on gays and lesbians. Gary Glenn, a prominent member of the  traditional family movement in the U.S. state of Michigan, has described the movement as “…a burgeoning alliance of white evangelicals, conservative Roman Catholics and African-American Protestants for whom gay marriage is like abortion: non-negotiable.” (Wiki)

One of my favorite families that defines the “new” traditional family is that of Food Networks guru chef, Cat Cora. There was a great picture of her and her wife with their kids in a recent Food Network Magazine.



6 thoughts on “Rethinking the Family

  1. Excellent post!!! I mean excellent. I love the passion for love and understanding here. That is what it is about. There is so much beauty in seeing bi-racial kids and couples who adopt, have, and love them. Familes are about love

  2. As a man raised in a Christian environment and having just left a position at a conservative evangelical Christian school you know just how hot this topic is, Mr. Carson. I am compelled to make a comment here due to the misguided nature of our culture and media…who, in my opinion, are attempting to “de-morlize” homosexuality, etc. Those who engage in homosexual acts, according to the Bible are in sin. If your premise does not include the Bible then anything goes. My premise does include the Bible…and God and Christ. The usual discussion here turns to love and does God love homosexuals and the like? The answer is unequivocally yes! Given the premise God has created all in His image and thus loves his creation dearly he longs for His creation to love and worship Him all the days of their lives. In the Bible God, through his Son Jesus, has commanded us all to love one another as we love ourselves. So the bottom line in this matter is that homosexuality is a sin just as any other sin outlined in the Bible: blasphemy, adultery, anger, deceit, covetousness, etc. While we embrace all of His creation as His own we should do our best to think like Him. Like him, we should hope and pray that all sinners repent and to live their lives holy…set apart…to be more like Him. Let us take on the same philosophy as the Apostle Paul in his first letter to Timothy… “Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.”

  3. Mr. Munford:

    Your point is right on for those of us we subscribe to the Christian faith. For me, I am in a position in which I have elected to accept those form of diversity as a means of supporting and loving my own immediate family members who are gay. I cannot turn my back on family. Over the years, this has become a very real reality in my family world. Thus, I have elected to embrace the changing face of my own family.

    I miss HC already and hope that I taught my students Christ’s love in my efforts to educate them. I think in the end, we both really are on the same page in that we must love and support our family no matter what.

    Thank you for the great comment.

  4. Mr. Carson, Thank you for your kind remarks. Yes, as the father of one of your students Christ’s love was taught in your classroom. You were most respected and loved by her (them). She was quite emotional upon hearing the news of your departure.

    On the topic of the particular post I must whole heartedly agree with your position to support and love your family. First and foremost they are your family. Second,and equally important, you are commanded to love them. On this we are complete congruence. However, God is God and sin is sin. Our belief in Him and His revelation to us in the Bible must drive us to strive to be closer to Him than the world. Embracing one’s family, loving them as Christ loved the Church, does not mean, in my humble opinion, that one’s belief about truth must change. Like most, our family history is ridden with people who made bad, wrong, and immoral choices that resulted in consequences that range from hurt feelings to life disasters. Nonetheless we must strive to love and care for them even in the midst of difficulties.

    I believe that God, for great and interesting reasons, used broken and sinful people throughout history to carry His message of who He is and why He exists. It is proof that He is God and we are His creation…created to love and serve Him all the days of our lives.

    • You are welcome. And I do appreciate you for understanding and seeing my point — right or wrong. I have worked to express my faith and beliefs by my actions. Such an expression and be costly in how people perceive my actions. But in the end, I think it is right. This is not a political topic. Unfortunately, it has become one. I am happy to know such love was seen in my teaching. I am pretty emotional at this point about leaving. It will take some time. I have disappointed a number of people.

  5. Carson:

    I am extremely mad at you. I am hurt. You were and are my favorite teacher. You were the only one I could trust to challenge me and be frank in how you did it. That will not be the case anymore. Who else has the confidence to write this and explain why it is important. I miss you already. I just do not know why you would go. We love you so much.

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