Day 1 Complete

So, day 1 at Brooks School was GREAT!!! I did an 8 mile easy run this AM just before unloading the truck. We failed to complete this due to the enormous amount of stuff we have. Our campus house is smaller than our Houston home. Thus, we spent time trying to figure out how to arrange a number of things; it is slowly becoming us to say the least. The faculty and staff here are great. We were invited to a campus cookout with other new faculty members and current folks at 6 PM. Though we were pretty much dead from a whole day of working, it was great talking, drinking, and eating with folks whom we will get to know well.

For the very first time in my teaching career, I was given an electronic key to the various buildings on campus. It was nice knowing that I have 24/7 access to my books, files, office tasks, etc. It took a number of trips to the academic building due to the amount of books and crap that I have, but in the end, I was victorious. I do miss Houston, but I am excited about this new journey; it was unanticipated months ago; however, for a number of legitimate reasons (which will be discussed later), it was time for me to seek a school like Brooks.

Classes do not start until September 9th, so I still have some time to polish a paper and prep for my courses. I am also traveling to Nashville, Tennessee this weekend for my fantasy football leagues 20th anniversary/draft. I am fired up to spend this time with my closes friends. I need it after a challenging and busy summer. Yes, in the end, I do feel as though I got ZERO rest this summer. That is about to change.


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