Panel Chair

So, I have organized a panel for a conference at Lipscomb University in Nashville this June. I am generating a theme around the “voiceless Minority” in faith-based schools. Such groups might be blacks, women, pacifist, gay/ lesbians, etc. I am hoping to generate a conversation centered around a set of researched-based papers on this theme for the meeting. The focus, in many ways, is to educated and create a discussion among our colleagues on the significance of reconciliation. I have commitments from three people…. I will chair the panel and deliver a paper with two of the other panelists. The fourth member will read our papers in advance as he will moderate the conversation. I am fortunate to be joined with such gifted folks. I will introduce them later in another post.


2 thoughts on “Panel Chair

  1. I question whether pacifists are a “voiceless minority” among schools associated with faith-based schools and particularly among those like Lipscomb associated with churches of Christ. Historically, David Lipscomb himself advocated pacifism; John Mark Hicks writes often in ways that indicate a pacifist adherence. Still, your topic seems quite interesting; perhaps I’ll be there to hear it.

  2. Michael — I hope to see you there as well. You bring up a great point regarding DL and pacifism. It is my understanding that many faith-based schools have become a bit ideological regarding politics, war, and faith. It is true that Harding’s Benson was one of the most ideological presidents around. That said, I believe there has been a marriage between conservative institutions and the notion of conflict. I am not speaking on this, but a colleague of mine is. I will get her to respond. I will check out Hicks work regarding this topic. I had a professor who is a current a faculty member at Harding who wrote on this topic; I recall reading his dissertation that addressed DL take. I will blog more on this and I would love to catch up with you at the CSC in June. I think we have some great scholarship to offer. I have enjoyed following your blog, btw.

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