Faculty of Color Gathering


I recently attended a faculty of color gathering at Phillips Academy in Andover. I met some of the best minds from people of color at some of the most prestigious schools in the nation. Blacks, Indian, Asians, South Americans, and Middle Easterners were greatly represented. It was fun in that I congregated with black folks who talked about hip hop and rap for one minute, to Plato and Kierkegaard the next. I find such gatherings to be empowering. In the world of independent schools, often times there is a sense of isolation for us. As you can tell, my campus here at Brooks, as well as a host of other campuses do a great job addressing matters of diversity. They create and promote venues for us to engage in our struggles as a minority on campus. The folks at PA did a great job. I enjoyed meeting other folks and talking about our common plight.

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The empowering is the key thing here. There are schools that take a lack luster attempt at addressing racial and/or cultural diversity. I believe this is and should be a constant discussion — not one on just a special diversity day, which often is the case. I once heard a school leader tell me that matters of diversity are only as important as campus leadership consider it to be. If it is an invisible matter to them, it will be an invisible matter on campus.


4 thoughts on “Faculty of Color Gathering

  1. …of course my concern is that schools only pretend to be interested in diversity. It is hard to believe that schools look to attract faculty members that think in a different way or who look differently for the sake of diversity. All too often it seems that boards are caught up in money and image at such schools. A school would have to be very sure of its own identity to select a “true” diverse group of people to represent the campus. I do not know about you, but I have found some schools to do nothing but try to create robots. If that fails, well there is the door.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you had a platform and place to discuss issues with people you share a background with.

    I oftentimes attend education functions where I’m the only black person in the room. It can definitely feel isolating and difficult to relate. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. Nice to see a collection of diverse people discussing Plato and perhaps Rawls, uniting to pursue a solution to the immense societal problems we all face.

    • Thanks brother. I must say, Rawls did not come up; I know, a bit of a surprise seeing the demographic composition here, and the interest in race and philosophy. There was a brief hint on the matter of pragmatism though.

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