Nice Honor to a Teacher

Lerin Rutherford, my former student and our Valedictorian at Houston Christian, acknowledging me in her bound thesis from Davidson College. This is why I do this. This image will go in my book one day on being a master history teacher. Lerin is currently in her second year at Baylor College of Medicine. We shared a number of great outings together — wine, very late dinners, coffee, you name it. And in doing so, I loved my conversations with her. Click on the images below.

740716_10200815754426746_666578697_o copy

1402231_10200815749266617_326557417_o copy


One thought on “Nice Honor to a Teacher

  1. Can I say as a long time follower of this blog how impressed I am by you. It is not that you are very smart and a good writer, but your passion for being a professional. You have taught some great students.

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