Think Before You Say…

When minorities read the racist immigrant stuff promulgated in society or hear narrow conservative language about Obama, whom roughly 93% of the black population endorses, we tend to remind whites why we cheered for OJ Simpson, Rodney King, and against the wrongs of Zimmerman. We see a world in which the right attacks our plight. Note: OJ was viewed as a black elitist who turned his back on black folks. Blacks exploited the O.J. case to show America how much racism still exists. We supported him as a form of protest against right-wing white America. Black Americans and our white allies believe whites in power have turned their backs on minority groups.


5 thoughts on “Think Before You Say…

  1. Great point. I read hate stuff like this about other people on facebook all of the time. It drives me crazy. What is really bad is that those who say such things do not seen what is wrong with what they are saying.

  2. Eddie,
    I would venture to say that whites in power have turned their backs on everyone but themselves. I’m sure you’ve seen this survey, but I found it enlightening:

    I say this as a genuinely very conservative, white woman who lives in the South–I voted for McCain the first time, but Obama the 2nd. I am absolutely pro-life, but unless the Republican party gets a grip on the fact that you have to help these kids once they are here and do something about social justice, then they’ll never have my vote again. So maybe it’s religiously conservative and politically liberal. Figure that one out. Well, Jesus was a liberal. I’m in good company.

    Merry Christmas! Stay warm!

    • Michele:

      I heard that stat while at the People of Color Conference; it was also noted how most Republicans feel about minorties being in office. Jesus was a liberal. I do not get why people care to legislate other folks lives. In the end, it is about love. Trying to stay worm. I do miss talking to you.

  3. What constitutes “narrow conservative language about Obama?”

    Also, I’m not following you on O.J. He was found not guilty, so I don’t see how the case is an example of how much racism still exists. If there was so much racism, shouldn’t he have been convicted?

  4. I think what Eddie is saying Brandon is that O.J. was one of the most racially polarizing figures during the 90s. Racial tension actually increased over this case. It became a black and white matter. I watched this and thought yes, the police and power institutions do treat blacks differently. Most people thought he was guilty. Blacks and white. White wanted to see him in jail because the verdict was an injustice. Blacks were happy to see him go free because it let America see how institutions of power treated black people.

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