Megyn Kelly’s Christ

This is the first that I have read about a defense of Megyn Kelly’s assertion that Jesus is white.Interesting. I do know that a number of folks, academic types primarily, hold to the notion that Christ can be transformative in one’s cultural make-up. My friend, Ed Blum, also noted in his book that Christ does defy the color line. This is particularly true of Edward Blum when he discusses the color of Christ in his works on Du Bois. That said, Megyn is not talking about Christ in a transformative fashion. She really thinks Jesus is a white dude in a western personified way. And if she were to admit that Christ could be black, she then fictionalizes Jesus and thus may annoy her very conservative Christian audience.

Reza Aslan notes in his article that:

But I want to make a larger point, which might be interesting to you or may not be interesting. What I just described is Jesus. What Megan Kelly described is the Christ. And they’re different people! In other words, the Christ can be whatever you want him to be.

7 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly’s Christ

  1. You are a success so that makes you a enemy and a target of liberals like you professor. I just do not see what was wrong with what she said. The left makes a big deal out of everything.

    • I am not sure how this is a liberal thing my friend. Megyn made that same argument and thus she looks stupid. This is about knowing your stuff. Trying to claim something as hers or that it belongs to only one group is her stupidity. There is nothing wrong with saying that Santa and Jesus are ubiquitous to all. But that is not what she said.

    • Who cares whether he’s Black or White, accept for an over racially driven individual? An intelligent response would’ve been, we shouldn’t concern ourselves with Santa’s race, but rather the thought of giving and doing good deeds during the holidays. I think more than anything, thinking it’s somehow important to concentrate on the race of a fictitious character is nothing more than flabby simple mentality. Christmas is about sharing and doing good deeds.

      The point of whether Jesus Christ is Black or White, has the same blatant flabby mentality. Who really cares accept for racially driven dominate minds. Proven the point of everything is great if it’s Black or White leads to nothing but destructive behavior. This is why we have Fox News and it’s opposite arguing over unintelligent matters. Fox News should have done the “Right Thing.” The correct position is to speak of things that really matter and present solutions to things that are wrong in a civilized manner.

  2. 1) I’d never heard of Megyn Kelly.
    2) Now that I have, my life has not been enriched.
    3) Presumably she was trying to make a joke. If so, it was pretty dumb.
    4) She might make dumb jokes, but she is wildly successful ginning publicity. Perhaps she’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

  3. If we’re talking about Yeshua ben Yosef then we’d have to talk about what is White. Whiteness seems to have varied over the decades, perhaps centuries – e.g., I’m partially of Irish Catholic descent and when they came over to NYC they sure as Hell weren’t White.

    If were talking about the Christ, then we’d have to talk about whether any mortal / material criteria applied to a God.

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