Today’s Jesus

According to students during our first meeting, the Jesus on the board here is:1. White Jesus 2. Patriotic Jesus 3. Proud Jesus 4. Western Jesus 5. Fake Jesus 6. Texas Jesus 7.Republican Jesus 8. G.W. Bush Jesus 9. Conservative Jesus. We will do this daily with Jesus dressed in different attire.

Photo on 1-7-14 at 11.24 AM #2




7 thoughts on “Today’s Jesus

  1. T.D.
    More towards the former here. Part of the course here is to study how he is ubiquitous and claimed by all people of varying political, religious, racial, and ideological beliefs. Look at my previous post on American Jesus and I think it will make more sense.

  2. Stan, it has been a long time man; I was wondering if you would post again on this blog. I am enjoying my new school. The last one did not treat me so well at the end. Better yet, they changed the locks to my door, took down my email, and told campus security not to let me on campus. They felt that I broke my contract and walked out on them; in many ways that is what I did — but not until the very very end. They made some 3rd tier decisions that my silly ego could not live with. I will not say too much more here. I did say hello to you in a post A New England Christmas. Did you see it?

    • I did. Thank you. Sorry about a difficult transition, but it really sounds like you made a good decision to go with your gut and make the big move to living on campus at a private school. I know this has always been a dream for you. Do you have the kids call you Captain my Captain yet?

  3. Stan:
    It was a transition. But, I can now teach about Jesus and religion and Marxism without fear of anger. Haha on Dead Poets Society. The good news is that the old adage of prep schools being like that film no longer hold true. I will fire you an email sometime and share the reality. Ok? It is a better place for me. I am judged on being a good teacher, a good academic, and nothing else. Religion is no longer a topic.

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