Can You Feel A Brand New Day: Family Guy Depicts Black Oppression

In our post-Trayvon Martin world, the reality of racial power structures are real. Martin, in an unfortunate fashion, has come to symbolize the black reality; in particularly, what black male youths are experiencing regarding their juxtaposition to that of power structures. In 1992 racial tension between whites, blacks, and Koreans exploded when an all white jury found four white officers innocent of beating Rodney King. Because blacks no longer trusted cops, rappers such as Ice-T released his infamous song Cop Killer. Two years after the beating of King which promulgated the L.A. riots, O.J. Simpson was found innocent of killing his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. O.J. ‘s defense team accused the LAPD of framing O.J. Although most black people believed O.J. was guilty, they supported him because his case further illustrated the LAPD’s brutality towards blacks and the American power structure that worked against the black plight.

As noted on the Family Guy clip above, it feels like a brand new day to blacks when those who make up the power structure are symbolically no longer in power. Hence, the police were sent on a special mission out-of-town and the Quahog black citizenry were free to escape their bondage under the auspices of white supremacy by symbolically breaking out of their white skin.


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