Race, Sexual Orientation, and Faith Work

I have been slowly working on a paper dealing with historical change agents as they relate to race, faith, and sexual orientation in conservative Christian institutions. If you are or are not and OUT gay/lesbian Christian who has worked, attended, and/or been part of conservative Christian institutions (school, church, home) and would like to share your thoughts with me, feel free to contact me. I do have a few now OUT students and colleagues who have offered some thoughts. Feel free to be anonymous as I work past the review of historical literature phase. Email: professorblog@gmail.com

Here is my abstract: Professor Carson’s paper, titled, Racial Reflection and Sexual Identity: The Challenges of Silence in Conservative Institutions, discusses how black integration via political rights shaped twentieth century black studies circa 1970. Such studies, however, never fully materialized among faith-based institutions. Thus, with the advent of the twenty-first century, black faculty members and students have often been silenced by the notion of whiteness, in which one believes the world is colorblind. This is further exasperated by the identity issues in which gays and lesbians wrestle with in faith-based environments. This paper will delve into the various change agents that predominately white faith-based institutions must embrace in order to cultivate a true appreciation of diversity. Research for this paper draws on historical literature and anthropological arguments that analyzes trends in race and sexuality, as well as scriptural arguments.


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