Research Sunday

Photo on 2-9-14 at 3.45 PM #2

I am excited to push forward with my research on Carl Henry, a modern historical figure in the evangelical movement who served as the first editor of Christianity Today. I hope to apply the color-line thesis to Christianity Today’s reluctance to discuss the color-line problem during Henry’s tenure. I would like to juxtapose it to the more liberal efforts of the Christian Century on matters of race. However, I might revise the comparative part just a bit; I am trying to draft a paper not a book. Thus, at the rate in which I am taking notes for this project, the page numbers might get out of hand. Above my friend Mrs. Chili let me borrow her scanner. I felt I might get more accomplished if I scanned the archival material first, which allows me to read, sort, and study later for my paper. Though downtown Boston is not too far from campus, I cannot continue to sprint down here every weekend.

I am reading through decades of articles from both journals dating back to the early 1950s. I must admit that I find this type of work exciting for my knowledge and academic growth, but for my students as well. I am doing what I teach. And though this topic of scholarship is narrow and a bit specific, it does not change its macro impact on race and faith.


One thought on “Research Sunday

  1. Carson, you look like the mad researcher in that picture. I am excited for this project you are doing. You have been thinking about it and working on it since this summer. I hope time allows you to see it to the end.

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