Obama on Russia

I have another thought coming regarding the days of the Cold War. And though I do not blog much about politics here at The Professor anymore, I could not let this point slip away. I must say, however, I did not know Obama made this statement regarding Russia during the campaign march; he should no better. The Cold War never ended; well, the notion of an ideological divide regarding global hegemony has long continued — even during the dark Russian days circa 1991 to 2000.

Leave it to Fox News to remind us of Obama’s poor response during the last election campaign. In Obama’s defense, Mitt should have been smart enough to offer a more decisive response.


2 thoughts on “Obama on Russia

  1. I heard this also. I disagree with you on the cold war part, but I never felt things were ever well between us. Obama’s comment is shocking to me. We shall see. It is still early.

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