The Exodus Part I


Exodus 33:14 states: My presence will go with you. And I will give you REST. I will address the religious allegory associated with the Exodus theme and black migration later. Further, I feel that I should point to the problem of a seemingly reliance on this simple theme in historical and religious studies. But for now, I love this document:

In 1917, the Cleveland Advocate published its take on the Exodus of black folks from the South: “There is no mistaking what is going on; it is going on; it is a regular exodus. It is without head, tail, or leadership. Its greatest factor is momentum, and this is increasing, despite amazing efforts on the part of white Southerners to stop it. People are leaving their homes and everything about them, under cover of night, as though they were going on a day’s journey – leaving forever”.

As I told students, that REST did not transpire in a secular sense once migration ended. Black folks would continue to find strength in the church as they had done; however, as I have noted in the paper I will deliver at the Christian Scholars’ Conference this summer, the generational shift brought about a change regarding black folks and the church in the 21st century. My paper starts off with this piece from the Advocate.


2 thoughts on “The Exodus Part I

    • …and what was most interesting regarding the flight of blacks to Boston was the the already constructed racial tension which existed between blacks,, Irish, and Eastern Europeans. That said, I suspect the long existence of blacks in Boston also negated the advent of a city wide racial riot which transpired in other northern cities. I am not really counting the bussing protest.

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