Flipping History

Just a thought: I can see the flipped class model working in a history course such as mine. Though, in many ways, I have done this for years as a Harkness (seminar) style teacher; I never liked being lectured to; we know it gets worst in college. I had a class of 7 once and a teacher who wanted to lecture (ego). I always thought: I read that last night, why show up to class?

I am flirting with the flipped class idea. I found sources online, but it seems like added work for the history student who should be reading. If done well, there are things to help students process and focus on the critical questions; but, I already do this with assigned videos and sources. Maybe it will allow me to delve into greater depth via a video post (really nothing more than a lecture with illustrations). I wonder if this will prepare students to do what they already are doing in my class: Arriving to class ready to engage in activities and discussions. Is it more student work? Will they stop reading? I have spoken to math students that do not like it.

See this link here


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