Staying Busy

In my paper for the Christian Scholars’ Conference (CSC) titled “Racial Reflection and Sexual Identity: The Challenges of Silence in Conservative Institutions”, I revisited WEB Du Bois’s “Souls of Black Folk,” particularly his essay “Of the Faith of the Fathers“. If you have not read this classic, you must. Focus on how each essay brings you back to the notion of the Veil.

Over the course of my three-week spring break, I have focused a great deal on my own academic scholarship. Hence, this break has been an equal amount of play and work. I sent one paper off to a journal which was returned due to an imbalance of historical content and pedagogical application. I have pretty much added the missing pedagogical work to the already historical analysis. I have yet to resend. That needs to happen soon seeing that I need to get back to the paper for the CSC. I am feeling very productive of late. And, having this time to think and write has been nice.

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