Race and Scandal

In thinking about the show Scandal, the notion of interracial love and sex has been a contemplative one. As I once noted, white supremacy has conditioned society into accepting whiteness as pure and perfect; black men desire white women because they have been the ultimate prize…. That has been the teaching of Hollywood and Miss America, as I pointed out here

…but I particularly like this post regarding interracial romance and the show Scandal. Hence it empowers black women and interracial romance — or does it create a caricature of it?

They share a dynamic relationship. It is a toxic one due to their own lives. And in truth, it is easy to forget about race when watching them together. It is an affair; but it is subscribed out of real love and not a caricature. Though some will look at what is wrong with their relationship, it is nice knowing that race is not it.

What do you think? I am waiting to hear from you. Are you out there?


4 thoughts on “Race and Scandal

  1. I haven’t seen the show in question but I agree that mixed relationships are still seen as something either exotic or different, instead of what it is – an ordinary love relationship between two people.

    • Jenny, I like how you used the term exotic; I failed to consider that many are intrigued by the mystery of the unknown, or differences. That said, I am not sure the differences are that great. From the episodes that I have seen, I have enjoyed it. They have worked in the question of race from time to time, but again, not in the typical fashion.

  2. This is a show I have come to love. I agree in that race is a very far thing when you watch them. I have noticed that a bit in society today. You see it but you do not see it. The clip you put on this post is one of my favorite scenes.

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