Christian Scholars Conference, 2014 Part I

“Invitation to the Voiceless Minority”
Michael Brown, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Convener

Edward Carson, The Brooks School, North Andover, MA, “Racial Reflection and Sexual Identity: The Challenges of Silence in Conservative Institutions”
Michelle Mikeska, Houston Christian, “A Nonviolent Hermeneutic: How to Promote Peace in Confessional Institutions”
Stephanie Eddleman, Harding University, “Female Voices of Faith: The Untold Stories”

Mike has already read our papers and has prepared some thoughts for the Q&A part.

I like his thoughts here:

It’s almost time to suit up and light this candle! (rocket parlance–I do live in Huntsville, after all). I’ve enjoyed reading the papers I’ve received, and I think we have the makings of a fine session. We are first out of the block in Session I on Thursday morning at 9:00 AM.

As far as time allowed, I plan about 5 minutes or less on the introduction, and I figure we can allow about 20-22 minutes for each topic, which will include one followup question by me to each panelist. That should leave about 20 minutes or so for Q&A involving the audience. I’m assuming you are all likely planning on reading your papers verbatim, so please read them aloud now, time yourselves, and figure out exactly how you can stay within the time frame so we can give fair share to all.

I will not be getting into Nashville until late Wednesday evening. It would be good, I think, for us to meet each other and go over a few things prior to the session. Could we do a meet-up at the breakfast scheduled in the Paul Rogers Board Room of the Ezell Building near the registration desk? We could convene about 7:45 or so and still be finished by the time of the devotional at 8:15 if any are planning to attend.


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