Mark Elrod and UCA

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I have written and posted about professor Mark Elrod before, thus this post is not a surprise. I am excited that he will be joining the Political Science department at the University of Central Arkansas. After being on faculty at Harding University for some 26 years, I support his desire to seek a new challenge. Academic diversity is what makes academic life so great. He was by far one of my favorite instructors. If you are not lazy, you will love him; if you are lazy, you will still love him, but you will find that he holds high expectations. So, for the folks at UCA, here are just a few things to expect:

1. A brilliant man.
2. A person who will listen and value your thoughts and opinions, regardless if he disagrees with you.
3. He will challenge you to articulate why you think the way you think about any purported theory or fact
4. Hard worker. ME, as he is called, always arrives to class ready to engage students. He will model scholarship. I just hope to serve on another panel with him or get a chance to co-author a paper with him.
5. Tough classes. Feel free to avoid reading your text, writing those papers, and showing up to class; if you do, bring the drop card ASAP. His exams are thought provoking and difficult — as they should be.
6. Participate. Unlike too many folks who like to hear themselves talk, particularly those at Harding, ME welcomes dialogue.
7. He is in demand. He was by far one of the most popular people at Harding University. Thus, when you can, go by his office and just talk. Better yet, he is a big coffee drinker.
8. If you make a mistake, just apologize and move on. He is great when it comes to second chances.
9. Most important, he is a VERY good man. He is human like all of us, but he is a great person.

I and many others are Mark Elrod fans.


3 thoughts on “Mark Elrod and UCA

  1. I heard he was not coming back. Sad for Searcy folks. You did a great job mapping him out on this write-up. There was something about his confidence that I loved.

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