What Drives People of Color from your School?


The list below is one I received and discussed at a recent diversity seminar for independent schools. If you are a person of color, an ally, or one who contributes to the egregious errors listed here, I would love to further this conversation more.I also think something must be noted by the exclusion of people of color to the macro mission of the school. Further, a discussion on campuses should take into consideration the lack of intentional diversity goals. There are a number of schools that lack a diversity director. I have discussed a few of these matters on a previous post found here.

1. Exclude people of color from leadership positions.
2. Brag about how “color-blind” your schools is.
3. Never have more than one person of color on faculty and/or staff.
4. Allow only teachers of color to only mentor and discipline students of color.
5. Don’t allow people tell “their” stories.
6. Don’t develop a long-range plan to increase the diversity of your student body and faculty.
7. Don’t socialize with teachers of color.
8. When faculty and students of color gather together, stare at them and wonder aloud about what they’re up to.
9. Hire a person of color as diversity director and let him or her worry about changing the school culture. Offer him or her a little financial or staff support.
10. Hire a person of color as diversity director and let him or her focus on diversity events and nothing else.
11. Assume that the people of color on your campus are only interested in professional that focuses on diversity.
12. Appoint a person of color, who already has a full teaching and coaching load, to be the diversity director on the side. The younger the better.
13. Expect teachers of color to “fit in” to your community without considering their interests or needs.
14. Don’t examine your curriculum to consider the degree to which it includes and excludes the contributions of people of color to to history, literature, art, science, etc


2 thoughts on “What Drives People of Color from your School?

  1. “Why Teachers of Color Quit”

    Because we live in a black-and-white world.

    Folks not like us cannot seem to get it. Too many excuses.

  2. At my school, the issue that race does not matter is the big culprit. We do nothing to embrace folks who look nothing like the majority except have a token MLK presentation. It makes my campus feel good about doing nothing.

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