A Response to Race

I found this article to be of interest. It garners a great deal of truth regarding race and society. Here are some noted responses towards people of color for presenting matters of race.

1) “You’re racist for making this an issue of race.”
2) “I don’t see race. I only see the human race.”
3) “Talking about issues in terms of ‘white people’ and ‘white privilege’ is reverse racism.”
4) “You [person of color] clearly don’t know what racism is. According to Webster’s Dictionary…”
5) “You [person of color] said something about white people doing racist things, so I demand you explain this to me right now.”
6) “But my [person of color] friend said it was OK if I did it [racially problematic thing].”
7) “Stop attacking me for having privileges just because I’m white. It’s racist and hurtful.”
8) “I’m sick of pretending that [people of color] need special rights and programs just because they aren’t white. We have problems too, you know.”
9) [Insert tear-filled expression of white privilege guilt or denial here.]


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