Arjay Smith as the Protagonist

As I continue to get feedback on my fictional writing, I am asking my protagonist to deal with a world where the constructs of race, class, and religion intersect to allow complex imagery.Thanks to Janette Carson who helped me find my black protagonist. It is Arjay Smith who is centered below. I am looking at lots of images of Arjay in shaping my protagonist’s world. Here is a scene I have drafted in my notes; Arjay is the character I am seeing being behind the closed doors..Perception_102_05_Rachael-Leigh-Cook_Arjay-Smith_Eric-McCormack_PHDoug-Hyun-1024x682

2 thoughts on “Arjay Smith as the Protagonist

  1. Eddie, I can’t wait to read your book! You have such a dynamic writing style. I’m looking forward to the finished product!

    (P.S. Both you and Egypt have inspired me to start blogging. Hoping to have something up by the end of this week.)

    • What a great note!!! I am excited to see that you are blogging; I will add it to my list of blogs to follow. As for the writing, it is new and different but I am pumped about my efforts. You will be seeing more. Hope you are well.

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