My Fictional Theme

This is still very rough, but I am still mapping this out. Isaiah Jackson, my protagonist, lives in a world in which the duality of race and class are ubiquitous. His anger toward blacks furthers his metamorphoses and sense of self as he ponders the epics of religion, and the realization that God exists in a binary fashion. His tension and disdain regarding the intersection of race, class, and religion are reflected in his emotional ambiguity. Religious imagery, social realism, and Marxist tone carry my protagonist from his urban despair and black anger to a world of whiteness and distrust. Isaiah’s epic mission is a quest. The intersection of race, class, and religion challenges his worldview and brings about new hostilities as he confronts a white God masked under the guise of privilege.


One thought on “My Fictional Theme

  1. Okay, a couple of basic questions.

    How did Isaiah get to where he is today? Did he have some epic traumatic religious episode that scarred him for life? Did his family bring him up thinking that continual anger is an appropriate way of dealing with life? If not, why is that present now? Is he jealous of the upper class and actually wish he could be one of them? Why and how does he come to embrace Marxism as an effective answer to life’s/society’s problems? Why is he confronting a white God instead of just confronting God? Or, what role does the black church play, if any?

    All of this to what end? Where does he want to be? What is the “peace” he is seeking to find?

    Okay, thats actually more than a couple… 🙂

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