Playing with words and emotions here. Can you see this scene in your head? I get that it is rough. It is just one short scene.

The ghostly rays were subtle as Isaiah’s uncle’s skin glistened from the slight beams crawling through the spaces of his living room window. His mind watched as a ray of light captured lines of smoke that settled on his uncle’s sinewy body. The smoke emanated a scent of burnt rope, which later possessed a body like odor. His uncle took another toke that freed his mind from the constant pain of rejection. Isaiah watched his uncle take a few pulls before noticing the letter. His senses long associated the room’s smell with despair. Was this it for us? watching his uncle stay motionless on the couch; if he were on the corner of Kennedy court and not hidden by these walls, he would be another nigger in the eyes of Isaiah’s white classmates.


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