NAIS People of Color 2014 (Part I)

I will be attending my fourth NAIS (National Association Independent Schools) People of Color Conference this week. Last year I traveled with two colleagues and six students. This year I am joined by three colleagues as we travel to the city of Indianapolis. I have delivered two well-received sessions at this conference. In 2011, I delivered a session in Philadelphia titled A Vanishing Identity: Exploring How Independent Schools Can Promote True Cultural Diversity. In 2012, in front of a packed room, I presented a session titled Getting Real with Whiteness in Independent Schools,  a session in which I challenged teachers and school leaders to think about the daily micro aggressions experienced by people of color.

I am excited about networking and learning from my peers and colleagues for this 2014 conference. I aim to blog from the conference about the sessions and my interactions with a diverse group of people from across the nation. As an ambitious and passionate teacher, I seek such venues as a way to further hone my leadership skills as well as reflect on my past experiences and future growth as an independent school teacher.

2 thoughts on “NAIS People of Color 2014 (Part I)

  1. Hey man, check this article out:

    Further, I think this list is mild compared to things I and others have experienced. Case in point: if a black person were headed to a job interview — he might not arrive fit for the process due to precursors, such as not being able to get a cab. Then, he arrives at his place only to watch people move across the street or to watch a white woman grab her purse. He arrives on spot only to be asked if he is applying to be the janitor. And not that there is anything wrong with that, but he is seeking other venues. On campuses at schools such as mine, assumptions are often made by whites toward people of color that can create a hostile and uncomfortable working place. This is true in other places, too.

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