Is Obama A Republican?

Very interesting article I read over a cup of coffee this AM, which was published in the American Conservative titled, Is Obama A Republican? For years when I taught AP US Government & Politics, I had students ponder the article’s notion of party differences in an assigned reading, “A Dime’s Worth of Difference.”

American Conservative


4 thoughts on “Is Obama A Republican?

  1. Its sort of an irrelevant question. think it’s reached the point where party labels are essentially meaningless. Political parties are not really about ideology anymore (Were they ever?), but just about who’s in power. Neither party seeks to serve the needs or views of the American people.

    (See my FB post today.)

    • I agree with the party labels. Though, in many ways, the Dime’s Worth article points to some differences. I think not. If you look at who gets elected and the money spent on the same folks retaining power — I cannot tell a Democrat from a Republican. I did see your FB post.

  2. Someone was complaining about the big O and how liberal he is so I linked my reply to them to the TAC article. Since starting out O has steadily moved rightward, being a man of character, integrity and good will, and in order to oppose him, the right has moved even more to the right. What is now socialism was once normal even for Reagan. That is how far things have gone. They keep getting crazier and crazier so that no fabrication is too extreme not to be disseminated. Like he is bringing ebola here on purpose etc. Am I living in the Twilight Zone?

    • Steve — excellent point. Obama is far more moderate than folks are willing to admit. He is driven by a compassion to further New Deal idealism. The socialism you speak of is clear and has been present since FDR. In truth, if one were to look at others, they all have contributed to the growing shaping of the current system.

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