Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr

Dr. King was born today in 1929.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”



5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr

  1. It is amazing to me what MLK Jr accomplished in his short life. My Dad is just a few months younger, born later in 1929, and I’m lucky to still have him around. Makes me wonder what our lives could have been like had he been able to live as long as my Dad has. Thanks for the great quote.

  2. Unfortunately I do not recall having conversations about MLK with Dad. We were sitting at the dinner table, if I recall correctly, when the evening news announced his assassination that day back in ’68. I don’t remember what was said specifically but it was sad and bad news to us. I was 17 and a senior in high school. My Mom was raised in Michigan and attended integrated schools. Dad was raised in Arkansas except for part of one year of Junior High when he too attended an integrated school up North. He often related to us an experience playing basketball which occasioned a lesson that he never forgot. He learned that a competitor did not, shall we say, appreciate the n-word. So I never heard my Dad use that word which was so common and used by others in the South when I was raised in the fifties and sixties. I think my parents were more advanced in their thinking than most people where I was raised.

    At church yesterday, they played interviews with some Black members of the congregation. It was amazing. One of the men was a garbage worker and participant in the strike that brought MLK to town. His interview was interleaved with news reel footage that explained the sordid conditions under which they worked. Another person recounted how in the sixties as a young man he interviewed over the phone in pursuit of his first job out of school. They offered him the job over the phone and when he showed up to work through final arrangements and they discovered he wasn’t white, they rescinded their offer. It reminded me that this is one of the key reasons that I am liberal. The advice of the minister to the white folks in the congregation was to reach out and listen to their African American neighbors.

  3. Your church gets it; I have found that many outside of black churches do not embrace such endeavors. That does not mean members do not value it; It is seen as a different matter. I have heard folks voice this. I have also seen schools and businesses take on such action. Like you, I too believe in liberal goals. I have long suspected that of you by your blog posts. What is wrong with granting rights and promoting equality for all people?

  4. With regard to what the future for MLK Jr would have been had he lived, I came across something interesting. I was reading an emagazine article from “On Faith” yesterday titled “7 Ways Thomas Merton Changed the World”. Under Item 6 it said:
    “6. Worked tirelessly for social justice

    Even after Merton moved into a hermitage for greater solitude on the grounds of the Abbey of Gethsemani, he continued the work for social justice that he began around the time of the Cold War…

    ……. Merton had also planned a retreat for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King before Dr. King’s assassination.”

    Link here:


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