Storm Juno and Gearing up for Spring Term

DSCN3697 copy This storm has given me time to read Toni Morrisons’s A Mercy  for an African-American Literature course I am taking at Harvard this spring. The imagery in this work is deep and the narrative is clean. I am not done yet, but should finish it by tomorrow. This storm has forced me to move at a snail pace with my spring courses; I will finish constructing my syllabi and course outlines and assignments today. Having a clear plan is key, particularly with AP courses. We start almost a month later than many schools, and we teach a January Term course which furthers the unique challenges of meeting the AP objectives. Spring Term Above is my home desk with everything needed to get my courses done.


2 thoughts on “Storm Juno and Gearing up for Spring Term

  1. Hi Eddie. I love the snow shoveling picture! Here’s an honest question from a Southern girl… why shovel the snow if it’s still snowing? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?
    BTW, it will be a balmy 79 here in Houston today. We are having class outside. 🙂 Best wishes on your spring term!

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