My Lord What a Morning

“My Lord What a Morning” is one of my favorite Negro spirituals. I found myself thinking about this song Thursday after talking to my Mother about the passing of my Grandmother. I keep thinking about her life and what she saw. How I failed to learn more from yet another black woman; she could have taught me more than all the books I have read. I feel my distance daily as I think about what I can learn from my Mother. I need to be with family. I am looking forward to my trip home to Selma, Alabama next week, as I think about the black women who shaped my life. If you do not know this beautiful spiritual, listen to it.There is beauty in those who believe in their God and faith. It is that which offers beauty to a generation of black folks who achieved more than I ever will. This song denotes that.


2 thoughts on “My Lord What a Morning

  1. So sorry for your loss, Eddie. The arrangement of the spiritual is beautiful and compelling. Prayers for a good trip home and time with family.

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