James Cone and Lynching


My African-American Studies course spent a day discussing James Cone’s recent work, The Cross and the Lynching Tree, which explores the Negro holocaust in America. He draws a relationship between Christ’s crucifixion on the cross to blacks crucifixion by way of the tree. He notes that during his decades of research, Cone found, incredibly, no sermons, lectures, books or articles by white preachers, evangelists or theologians linking what happened on the cross to what happened on the lynching tree.


3 thoughts on “James Cone and Lynching

  1. Dark. Sad. This sounds like a great deal of honesty. I once heard him speak at a meeting of religious scholars. We know how important his work has been to people who look like us.

  2. We are using this book for a small group study during Lent. Do you know of any curriculum or study questions out there to help a church group through this important work? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks

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