Classic Debate


I do not hate on Obama, though I wish he centered discussions around poor and homeless populations more. He is okay. I am not a Cornel West type of person. My African-American Studies seminar will explore Obama as a Neo-Booker T. Washington disciple, and less W.E.B. Du Bois with respect to a racial ideological normative that reflects cultural and attitudinal behavior. This is an ancient debate that, unfortunately, has been simplified.


4 thoughts on “Classic Debate

  1. In today’s social climate of racial sensitivity, and the growing social degradation of Blacks in America, the “The Talented Tenth” concept is even more relevant. Dr. Du Bois insight was extremely profound and still holds true even today.

  2. It, “The Talented Tenth”, holds greater value now than ever; if one were to look at the rate of mass incarcerations among black males, it signifies a sense of reshaping and rethinking the future plight of the race. Further, it reminds us that black leadership is now paramount in how we move forward. These rates of incarcerations are community matters in that we have our own issues, but outside forces have created structures working against us.

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