Can Black Americans be Racist?

…I am not sure; if one were to look at how it is define, it offers an element of pause for this case in accordance to what this sister is saying here.


6 thoughts on “Can Black Americans be Racist?

  1. Well, it was short and sweet since it was a very simple question with a simple, non-complicated answer, yes. No reason that Black Americans are immune from the sin and failing of racism. That is something all humans are vulnerable to, regardless of the color of one’s skin, even though the woman in the video wants to describe racism as a system of disadvantage as opposed to the human failing that it actually is.

    Would have replied earlier but forgot to check to be notified of new comments, so just now catching this

    • I cannot argue with the sin and failing of racism. You make a point there.

      Man by nature is capable of anything. I was at a conference in which I heard a speaker present this same argument. He linked racism to a broader more complex construct that is willed by power. His point was black people have very little. They can discriminate and hate, but they lack the institutional power to be racist.

  2. Perhaps there’s more than one type of racism in the broader since. The point of institutional racism is something that is a social construct of privilege, skin color or group association, with rules and laws in places to ensure dominance.

    Good question. Are Blacks capable of institutional racism? Blacks are capable of racism based on purely race, and it does happen often. The sin and failing of racism category is applicable. Institutional racism requires governments, city, state and federal support. Blacks currently don’t have those abilities in any organized fashion. So yes, I agree with the speaker’s argument.

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