Straight Outta Compton was Great


I saw Straight Outta Compton today. I have anticipated this film for two years; it was better than I thought it would be. If you listen to the music now or did growing up, and if you know the story — you will love it even more. They got it right. It did not ignore the cultural evils of the industry, such as capitalism and commercialism. Further, matters of misogyny were clear. It is rated “R” for a reason. You cannot do it justice without that “R” rating. I am shocked at how well they got it. It denotes our past and present problems with police brutality, as well as reminds the world of the consequences for being promiscuous. I was shocked that Public Enemy and Ice T were invisible, but others who should be there were represented.


2 thoughts on “Straight Outta Compton was Great

  1. “Now, there are some who would argue that NWA was not really a symbol of black genocide. But that’s just like saying that the Confederate Flag was not really a symbol of white racism. So, we are clearly dealing with revisionist history.”

    With all due respect, NWA was a tool used by the music industry to keep Black youth ignorant, uninformed and unintelligent for as long as possible. The goal was to destroy conscious Hip Hop.

  2. Eddie, we do agree on the matter that NWA was commercialized and used by the industry. Capitalism, particularly in the music industry, is good for that. I do feel that their origins were pure. What motivated and drove them was the system. I think we, for the very first time, disagree on something. NWA’s conscious destruction of hip hop was driven by their own desires. That article was interesting in its sentiments against NWA. I see what they did and hip hop as two different things. Better yet, I always saw them as being anti-hip hop. As for black genocide, do you not see them as a product of a concocted system already in place?

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