Dear Colleagues…

I had a conversation with a friend and colleague who is not fortunate enough to teach in a learning environment that values free inquiry, love and openness for others, nor allows for true peace and freedom in one’s own life. I struggle in my understanding of institutions that fail at grasping the human spirit, mind, and ambition. This is particularly true when it comes to faith-based secondary schools and colleges. Yes – you know who you are. To my colleagues who feel trapped in intellectually and socially oppressive institutions, hang in there. You have friends and supporters like me. However, please keep your options in mind. I do believe that people sometimes stay at those places too long. I am hearing that many of you cannot write, present, and publish as you please. I hear that many of you often close your office and classroom doors when challenging students to escape the confines of narrowness. Some of you have had to turn me down for writing and publishing opportunities out of fear. Our students need us. You are loved and supported by many such as myself.


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