The Small Skills

There are a lot of skills taught in schools. Sure, a residential school like Brooks requires students to own their day-to-day schedule and to balance their time. Think about the skills schools teach that we often take for granted. Often it is the small things that determine if a student can leave home and cope in a university environment or work place. Case in point:
there is something to be said about a student who looks at your syllabus in order to visit you during office hours. I had a young female student who took a VERY mature position in expressing her concerns about the volume of work I assign and the demands of my course. We met and I promised her that she could do it; we looked at the objectives and she discussed them fully. I stated to her that she will crush my impending essay. She left happy and full of confidence — as she should be. She thanked me for my time and stated that she was excited about the rigor and expectations. I loved her comfort in visiting me and having a very focused conversation about her and academic work. This is one of the many small things taught in schools that we take for granted. I think she was elated to see on the syllabus that things are about to get much easier.


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